Monday, July 02, 2018

Watch :: Australian artist Grace Turner captivates on 'Dead or Alive'

Credit: Dave Fulham

Words: Ellie Ward

Australian indie singer Grace Turner has followed last year's 'Angry' with alluring new single, 'Dead or Alive' and its accompanying video.

Hailing from Newcastle in New South Wales, the 28-year-old Newcastle Conservatorium of Music graduate lends a captivating essence with her ethereal vocals to the guitar-driven ballad, which, since its release, has racked up over 300k Spotify streams.

The video, directed by Thomas Hudson, draws on the song's theme of friendship and human connection through the means of hugs.

"After meeting with Tom and talking over the song, I realised the essential element of the song was about good friends helping us through dark times," says Grace. "On shoot day we invited a bunch of our friends over to Tom’s house and literally hugged one another for around 10 hours. The idea was that it would reflect the way our social circles help us through hard times as well as be intense, suffocating and the facts that relationship breakdowns are often the reason for ones unravelling."

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