Friday, September 07, 2018

Dutch garage punks Pig Frenzy release 'I Don't Need You' on limited edition 7"

Words: Amelia Callister

"A raw mixture of garage, punk and surf served with volcanic violence" is how 'I Don’t Need You' by Rotterdam-based garage punks Pig Frenzy, is described.

Out today (September 7), the track is one of two songs (w/ 'Oral Moral') from the quartet's self-titled debut EP, which was released on cassette in May, and are now pressed on 7" vinyl by the new Rotterdam label Spazz Records in a limited edition 300 copies.

Timo (vocals), Micha (guitar), Amber (bass) and Lukas (drums) - who also play in bands Forbidden Wizards, Goodnight Moonlight and Inwar - formed early this year with an initial focus on starting a post-punk band. With Joy Division's 'Warsaw' in mind they begin to write their first four songs. The result is not the intended post-punk, but a fusion of punk, garage rock and surf.

It seems to be working for them. Just shy of three minutes, 'I Don’t Need You' is a scorching sonic fury, that sounds like the B52s crossed with elements of latterday psych, by way of an American beach somewhere, syphoned through a wall of distortion.

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Live dates

17 Cobra Jaune Curegem, Brussels
29 Stroomhuis, Eindhoven

05 Humanimaal IV, Ladybird Skatepark, Tilburg, Netherlands
19 Left of the Dial Festival, Rotown Rotterdam
25 Woodstock 69 Rock bar
Porto, Portugal

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