Friday, May 22, 2020

Scottish alt-rockers Dancing On Tables are ‘Losing It’!

Words: Sam Geary 

Dunfermline alt-rockers Dancing On Tables follow their recent 'Not To Need You' with a big new tune, ‘Losing It’.

Out today (May 22), the five-piece bring out their trademark style, fielding a bunch of massive hooks, catchy melodies, and driving guitars, wrapped up with singalog choruses and engaging vocals that make for one bouncy and infectious offering.

The track was inspired, say the band, by a friend "who had been dumped and went about dealing with it in the entirely wrong way. When we were contemplating what we wanted to do with our releases during lockdown, we listened back to ‘Losing It’ and realised that we were in the situation we describe in the song.

"What started as a song about someone ending a relationship, actually applies to everyone ‘Losing It’ as they are cut off from seeing family, friends and loved ones."

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