Wednesday, March 24, 2021

'Ferme La Bouche' implore wojtek the bear on toxic relationships

Credit: Kris Boyle

Words: Richard Cobb

It’s day 220 of Duolingo French lessons and it doesn’t bode well that I just had to Google the English translation for Glasgow quintet wojtek the bear’s latest single ‘Ferme La Bouche.’ Zut alors! 

With Mogwai planting their flag at the peak of the UK album charts mountain a fortnight ago, the Glasgow music scene is continuing to flourish and wojtek the bear are further proof that there’s no sign of things slowing down on Scotland’s West Coast any time soon. 

‘Ferme La Bouche’ brings a smile to the face instantly with its big band vibe racing straight out the traps. The guitar and brass work in perfect unison to act as a postcard of a breezy road trip through North America. There’s sprinkles of Belle and Sebastian in here too with its feelgood summery riffs backed up with marching bass and drums.

Behind the sunglasses though there’s a more sobering tale to be found in the lyric department: 

“It’s basically a song about being in a toxic relationship, be that with someone who is being physically or verbally abusive or just isn’t right for you and how often our first instinct is to blame ourselves rather than the other person or look for the faults within first,” the band explain. 

Granted, as a result of the heavy subject matter the song takes a slightly different slant when you tune in on the lyrics, but ultimately, it’s a message of positivity and freeing yourself. It’s all about taking back the wheel in your journey through life without letting a dodgy satnav subconsciously take you down a road you don’t want to be on. Oh, and it means close your mouth. 

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