Friday, December 08, 2017

Track Of The Day :: Sad Boys Club - Know

Credit: Sarah Beasley

Words: Linn Branson

‘Know’ is the debut single from a new bunch of Crouch End, north-London alt-pop locals called Sad Boys Club. Which may be all indeed that you may want to know, but given this was written at the age of a mere 15 years by vocalist Jacob Wheldon and guitarist Tom 'Herz' Herzberg, a few years ago, you are sort of compelled to delve further.

Growing up around Bombay Bicycle Club, and seemingly being offered a guiding hand and the use of Jack Steadman's shed to record early demos in, seems to have laid them in good stead for their public launch. After testing the waters through Jacob, Herz and drummer Tom's - brother of the aforementioned BBC's Jamie MacColl - various teen band incarnations, they came together as the five-piece Sad Boys Club late last year.

The four-minute 'Know’, which was released online at the end of November, opens on a moody guitar line before bringing in drums and opening out with the very appealing vocal by Jacob, building up into quite an epic opus, as it lyrically, he says, taps into “the drama and innocence of growing up. It’s a romantic apocalypse. It made sense to start from the beginning."

If this rather grand first offering is typical of what else they may have buried in that garden shed, somehow we don't think these boys are going to belong to any 'sad club' too far into 2018.

Sad Boys Club are: Jacob Wheldon (vocals), Tom 'Herz' Herzberg (guitar), Jake Chatterton (guitar), Pedro Caetano (bass), Tom MacColl (drums).

Sad Boys Club make their live debut at The Cellar in Oxford tomorrow (December 9) for Future Perfect, with Yves + The White Lakes.

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