Monday, September 23, 2019

Track Of The Day :: Lacuna Bloome - Plastic

Words: Ellie Ward 

After their solid live set last week supporting The Snuts on the latter's Brighton leg of their tour, Lacuna Blooms double up with the release of a new single - their first in almost a year.

The anthemic styled track - the first cut from a forthcoming debut EP - rises from a bold drum opening to sweep through layers of guitars across five minutes, incorporating an intervening trippy house-inspired section, and a gradual build of sound that signals the band's lay-off  has proved ultimately productive.

“'Plastic' is how the world is changing around us, and how we all need to adapt our lifestyles to match," say the
quartet. "It questions whether people will ever make a change to the way they live, and if it will even make a difference.

“It’s the longest song we’ve ever written, and at times it seems to head into some sort of indie-prog arrangement. We’ve been handling this song for a long time and we really love its final form, length and all. In a way, we’re making up for lost time.”

Friday, September 20, 2019

Live Review :: The Snuts + Lacuna Bloome :: Green Door Store, Brighton - Sep 18 2019


The Snuts + Lacuna Bloome

Green Door Store, Brighton

September 18 2019

Words/Pictures: Steve Willcox

On an early autumnal night in Brighton there’s a buzz in the air down under the railway arches that houses (along with rats and rubbish) the Green Door Store: The Snuts are in town! When they played in the city back in May at The Great Escape, their set - in a church - had praise heaped upon it from on high for the raucous delivery that echoed up to the rafters and beyond.

Since then the West Lothian four-piece have become something of a legend in their own tour van, winning over festival crowds around the country, and even being described as "the best guitar band you’ll see" by one promoter. Now they are midway through a sold out UK tour.

It's a big ask to have to open for such an act, but locals Lacuna Bloome, who bring their indie shoegaze-pop to the early crowd, pull out the stops as soon as the opening bars of ‘Alright’  their lo-fi second single release, echoes around the venue, drawing in more punters through its romantic lyricism and lush melodies.

Singles ‘I Am’ and ‘Find Your Way’ are played with passion to a swaying crowd. Vocalist/guitarist Niall Logue talks to the crowd about “our shoegaze moment!” as they embark on the beautufully hued ‘Pink Sky’, a song which shows the band's maturity and strength. New single ‘Plastic’ - released this week - excites the crowd eager to listen to its upbeat rhythm and soaring guitars. Ending with appropriately titled ‘Fin’ and earning a well-deserved round of applause from the crowd, this band has made some new fans tonight.

With a few cans of lager and the biggest bottle of Buckfast to be seem this side of Glasgow on the stage, you just know The Snuts are about to come on. Only halfway through the sold out tour shows the massive support behind this band - which nearly ended before it began, when on just the second gig in Sheffield, a welcoming bottle of lager was thrown at the stage just missing vocalist Jack Cochrane by an inch, smashing against the wall behind him.

Opening with the thumping bass of their explosive slice of rock 'n' roll, ‘All Your Friends’, soon gets this wall-to-wall crowd behind them as it slowly builds up to its dancing guitar chorus. ‘Glasgow’ rouses the Scottish fans amongst the throng to push towards the front as Jack and guitarist Joe McGillveray battle for the most dramatic guitar moves on stage award, showing that despite its lyric line, "Will you stand on stage when they disengage from your song", that was not going to be happening tonight.

Fan favourite, the blistering ‘Seasons’, a song about four mates going out and finding themselves, gets the crowd rocking with its surging chorus, before new single ‘Maybe California' ups the ante even further, with the crowd en masse bouncing with its laid back rock groove and Jordan McKay's steady drum hits pushing the beats into the dancing fray.  Elsewhere, ‘Manhattan Project’ - "a tale of relief after a disaster. It’s a combination of war and romance wrapped up tightly inside a 2018 indie anthem” - is a belting tune with Jack's edgy vocals hitting a nerve in the room as moshing escalates into a frenzy as the song bites like a rabid dog.

Jack picks up the acoustic guitar as the band go for a “piss break” as he puts it, takes a big gulp of Buckfast before doing a sublime solo version of ‘Mixer’ and then covering Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’. Some boisterous lads start chanting “Seagulls” (Brighton's footie team ) to the bemusement of the frontman who can’t quite fathom it out yet, while the band quietly gets back on stage and play the intro of ‘Fatboy Slim’, instantly igniting the baying crowd with Callum Wilson’s bass thundering through its infectious melody. ‘Don’t Forget It’ doesn’t let that pace drop as the pumping beats gets the room even more worked up.

‘What’s Going On?’ has the fans totally under Jack's control as they sing the chorus back to him: “What’s going on? / With the boys are you still part of the noise? / What’s going on?/ With your girl, is she expecting the world?"
With ‘Summertime’, its slow start soon builds to an anthemic crescendo of sound that bounces off the walls with Jack's powerful vocals and Joe’s soaring guitars ramming the song home.

Set closer, ‘Sing For Your Supper’, has the band firing on all cylinders and this sweaty crowd produces one last drop of dancing energy to give The Snuts a send off they won’t forget in a hurry. If you get the chance to see these guys live - do it! You won't regret it.

Track Of The Week :: ODC - Nite Rider

Words: Linn Branson

We featured this mystery New Zealand combo, ODC (Orewa Death Club), earlier in the week with their dual track debut 'I Saw'/ 'Nite Rider'.

But we couldn't somehow get the latter track, 'Nite Rider', out of our heads, with its head-numbingly addictive motorik beat, so we are reprising the Aucklanders' as Track Of The Week.

And before you ask, we don't know who they are exactly - if you do, let us know! - but NZ sources have linked them to the Leisure collective, who we last heard from having 'Too Much Of A Good Thing' back in May.

[Video] The Hunna - I Get High To Forget

Words: Sam Geary 

Directed by Haris Nukem, The Hunna release the visuals for single 'I Get High To Forget', Get High To Forget, taken from the alt-rockers' as-yet-untitled third album, due for release early next year.

“Have you ever experienced or done something that you wish more than anything that you could just delete it from your memory and forget it ever happened?” says frontman Ryan Potter, of the track which was produced by The Prodigy guitarist Olly Burden and Libertines' Carl Barat.

“That’s what this song is about; every person’s been through that, in our case it was trying to erase the memory of a someone that lied and cheated us.

“For me and many of us we got high to take that feeling away and give our mental selves a break from feeling trapped.”

US live dates 

20 House Of Blues - Houston, TX
21 House Of Blues - Dallas, TX
25 House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
26 Fonda - Los Angeles, CA
30 Doug Fir - Portland, OR

01 Imperial - Vancouver, DC
02 Neumos - Seattle, WA
05 Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO

Sunderland's Plastic Glass 'Come Clean' as they Sing & Tell on breakups, new single and a big 2020

Sunderland's emerging indie four-piece Plastic Glass, drop their new release, 'Come Clean', on September 20, and follows on from last year's debut single, along with sold-out headline hometown shows.

Who are you?

We are Plastic Glass. I am Ben Richardson, bass player. The rest of the band is as follows: Lewis Conlin (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Dylan Abbott (lead guitar) and Frazer Graham (drums).

Tell us something about yourself and how you came to be where you are today.

We’ve all been performing since a young age doing different bands and solo projects. Plastic Glass has been around since early-mid 2018, and after releasing our first bedroom-recorded single in July 2018, have played opacked out headline shows at Think Tank Newcastle. We are all immensely proud of how fast this band is growing.

Give us an idea of your musical style and influences.

As a band our main style is definitely indie rock, and comparable to a wide range of indie artists, mostly The Verve, Reverend and the Makers and Arctic Monkeys. Individually, Lewis’ vocal is very 90s in a style of Cast, Dylan’s guitar brings different influences such as Jimi Hendrix and John Squire of the Stone Roses.

Explain the production and writing process behind your songs.

Our songwriting process really varies from track to track. from one person (usually Lewis or Dylan) bringing in a virtually completed track, or by starting from scratch in the studio with all four of us. The latest single was slightly different. It started with lyrics and a track idea that Dylan bought into practice and was then developed into a full track. We then headed down to St Helens to record the song with production duo Sugar House when it was altered with the help of the Sugar House guys helping to morph it into the track it is now.

Tell us a little about your new single.

‘Come Clean’ is our brand new single which started out as a breakup track, but morphed into something a lot darker. The track perfectly captures the Plastic Glass live sound capturing energy and moodiness that is hard to find in some recordings. We honestly believe this single is by far our best work to date.

Can we catch up with you at any forthcoming live shows?

Yeah! The biggest shows coming up for us are: A This Feeling night on Friday 20th September (the day of the new release) where we play the role of main support to one of our favourite new bands, The K’s. The following week (Saturday 28th September) we have bagged ourselves a set at this year's Sounds of Sunderland festival featuring the best Sunderland bands, where we will be playing alongside bands such as Vandebilt and Social Room.

How's the rest of the year looking, plans-wise?

We’re really excited for everything we’ve got lined up in the next year. We’re now working with promoters This Feeling and Scruff of the Neck and working on booking shows outside of the North East. We’ve also got some more massive North East headline dates that we’re putting the final touches to now.

Where can we hear more of your music?

All seven Plastic Glass tracks that are currently released can be found on all online streaming servers such as Spotify and Apple Music.

What social media platforms can we find you on?

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

'Is She Happy Turning On Her Side?' ponder Chappaqua Wrestling

Out today (September 20), Chappaqua Wrestling have a brand new single, 'Is She Happy Turning On Her Side?'

“The song was written towards the end of our time in Manchester,” say the duo, Jake Mac and Charlie Woods. "It was written with a retrospective in-look to scenarios and encounters that we came across in the city. The stories and setting serve as metaphors for moments and feelings that we continue to come across, regardless of the setting. In hindsight it was all pretty rosy."

You can catch Chappaqua Wrestling live at Glasgow's Tenement Trail on October 12, and at the British Sound Project at Manchester's Ritz on November 30.