Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Track Of The Day :: TANGIENTS - White Foam

Words: Ellie Ward

LA post-punk duo TANGIENTS released their hypnotic debut single 'White Foam' in April.

The inspiration for the swirling "gaze-pop" track came as a result of a near-death experience by vocalist Chelsea Ray.

“In 2012, I underwent something traumatic that forever changed me. My heart stopped and I was shocked back to life,” she reveals. “The sparse, yet intense memories I have from this moment gave me a completely different perspective. After ‘coming back,’ I felt that I was only a fragment of the person I was before. Here I am a few years later, writing lyrics about it, and I feel lucky just to be here.”

The resultant 'White Foam' by Ray and multi-instrumentalist and producer Be Hussey, couples the former's intense vocals - think a less strident Jehnny Beth of Savages - with Hussey’s sonic layers of synth and effects for a quite masterly first track.

Listen below - and watch the equally affecting video to the song.

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