Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Listen :: Chasing Velvet - If I May

Words: Sam Geary

Gold Coast (Australia) duo Chasing Velvet are two quirky, energetic young ladies, whose debut single 'If I May' suggests they're a new breed of rising talent.

The track comes from their EP 'Replay', out August 4 on all platforms.

Formed last year, vocalist Amira Talbot and drummer/vocalist Naomi Grashuis take their sound from R'n'B with added catchy melodic pop influences.

"After spending a couple of day's songwriting in the studio, we were getting frustrated that the words were just not coming to us… we were on a wave of different emotions and perspectives," says Naomi of the track, which arose after a bout of writers block. "We started writing lyrics about how we weren't able to write a song and lyrics like 'tying my tongue around the things that I mean' were born".

Sound out 'If I May' below.

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