Monday, June 29, 2020

Track Of The Day :: HÆLOS - Unknown Melody

Words: Ellie Ward 

After last year's second album, 'Any Random Kindness', HÆLOS mark their estimable return with new release,
'Unknown Melody', which is out now via their own Æ imprint.

“We found ourselves reminiscing about some mid-’00s electro releases and feeling a nostalgia for those early trips,” says the band's Dom Goldsmith, who also takes the production chair on the track. “Writing ‘Unknown Melody’ back in January, it just felt cathartic for us to remember some of the good times when everything felt so unstable. How little we knew. We’re listening and learning.”

It’s a delicious four-minute groove from the London quartet. Lotti Benardout’s vocals usher in subtle melodies over smooth 'n' silky synths and electronica, and hypnotic beats to add weight to the atmospheric palette.

Tune in.

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