Friday, November 13, 2020

The Royston Club bite their tongue with 'Mrs Narcissistic'

Words: Steve Willcox 

Produced by Alex Quinn (The Blinders, Spinn ) at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, Welsh four-piece The Royston Club - who have been making a name for themselves recently despite only forming last year - follow up their recent EP and 700k Spotify streams, with a new single out today (November 13). 

'Mrs Narcissistic’ soon gets you hooked with its guitar driven intro thats reminiscent of early ‘The Strokes’ tinged with a hint of optimistic swagger. For a subject matter about relationship trauma, this brings positivity in the form of infectious indie guitars, dancing beats and relatable lyrics. 

“You talk with such venom in your words / Always fighting to be heard / With blatant disregard for all we’ve fought for / The fallacies you share / Hold no water but you don't care / You stumble through the door and leave me tongue tied / You act so plastic, Mrs Narcissistic / I’d still risk it all for you." 

I feel we’re going be hearing more from these Wrexham red dragons, and judging by this track it’s gonna be a blast finding out.


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