Monday, December 14, 2020

Ex en Provence are ‘Counting Down The Suns’ on debut

Words: Leah Raymond 

Released last Friday, ‘Counting Down The Suns’ is the debut single from Berlin-based two-piece Ex en Provence - Londoner Samuel Deschamps and Berliner Jan Blumentrath.

"The idea was born reading about Hou Yi (后 羿), a Chinese mythological archer who shot down nine of the ten suns in the sky so the earth wouldn’t get scorched,” say the duo of the uplifting and catchy tune, a three and a half minute synth-touched jam.

“‘Counting Down the Suns’ became a metaphor for dealing with all the fears of whatever is coming our way. How we are all on a quest for enlightenment. How small things can grow big and like the wait for the eruption of an active volcano. Which all seems even more significant in the current political and global climate. 

"The song helps the listener along on their romantic escapism road trip through lavender fields to the Port of Marseille punctuated with some climatic peaks on the way."

There you go then.

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