Thursday, April 17, 2014

EP Review :: Elastic Sleep - Leave You

Elastic Sleep

Leave You

April 28 2014 (Big Tea Records)


Words: Dave Beech

When I first heard Cork-based dream-poppers Elastic Sleep last year, they only had one song - 'Anywhere' - uploaded online at the time, but it was one that left me clamouring to hear more.

Thankfully, forthcoming EP 'Leave You' not only sees Elastic Sleep having built upon their sound somewhat, but also having managed to pique the interest of the likes of BBC 6 Music it suggests that 'Leave You' might very well be the release that the lifts the band up a league.

I described 'Anywhere' as being the “tip of the iceberg” when it came down to the depth and musicianship at the disposal of Elastic Sleep, and for those not familiar with the band, that's very much the impression one would take from the eponymous first track, and lead single, 'Leave You'. Floating along on a bed of shimmering guitars and keys, the track isn't particularly indicative of what's to follow, but it does wear its influences firmly on its sleeve; a woozy, heady affair that's steeped in the alternative rock acts of the 1990s, 'Leave You' could easily find a place soundtracking this year's festival season and leaves listeners with a paradoxical sense of optimism.

If 'Leave You' was the dreamy soundtrack to a pleasant night's sleep, 'I Found Love' is straight up sleep paralysis by comparison. Exuding a paranoid post-punk vibe, rumbling bass and crashing percussion make up the meat of this track whilst reverb-soaked vocals and ethereal harmonies are a stark comparison to male/female dichotomy at play across 'Leave You though allow the track to flow perfectly in to the ever-mounting 'Deep and Blue'.

Rather than dissect 'Leave You' track by track, however, it's best that those interested just allow its intricacies to wash over them. From angular post-punk, to shimmering shoegaze - sometimes within the space of a single track - it's a record built wholly around dynamics and the way which the difference in a male/female vocal can make something feel completely different. It's not the easiest of EPs to listen to, but it does begin to draw listeners in from the word go before revealing a wealth of subtle nuances that impress more with each and every one. With the exception of the aforementioned 'Leave You' you can't imagine Elastic Sleep being played on mainstream radio, but it's easy to imagine those over at Q Magazine getting themselves worked up over them. Expect to be hearing a lot more of Elastic Sleep.

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