Thursday, May 01, 2014

EXCLUSIVE :: Premiere :: Dressmaker :: The Future

It was love on first hearing (the always lower cased) dressmaker in early December last year when they dropped their debut track 'Skeleton Girl'. Containing such wonderfully florid lines as, "the gap between her thighs/strikes a lustful fear into her lover's eyes", amidst its seven minutes of scratch noise fuzz, the East London four's entrance was certainly made for ear-grabbing attention.

Now they are back with a new single, taken from their forthcoming debut EP to be released in June. 'The Future' can only be described as a glorious sonic assault on the eardrums of an epic proportion, even if it does not extend to the same length as the aforementioned 'Skeleton Girl'. But hell, length ain't everything when it kicks like the mule that is this rampaging beast. Aggressive, yet still contained within an atmospheric wall of sound, if the full on chorus doesn't immediately make you want to get down in the middle of some sweaty club mosh-pit and batter your body into a frenzy, then you just ain't in the right zone, honey.

To coincide with the release, dressmaker have made their own little black and white improvised video. Now this may have just been a spur of the moment idea, or there may be some deep, dark psychological relevance or subtle meaning behind it all, but we're damned if we know what. This could be The Future, or it could just be Charles Potashner (vocals) menacingly petting a toy zebra, when not sticking his face into a bowl of pasta; Tom Fanthorpe (bass) and David López (guitar) both having a thing for flowers, and drummer Jose Quiñones just hanging for the beers and having fun with a smoke machine and strobe you do.

Watch the video below. You can also stream and download 'The Future' from the dressmaker SOUNDCLOUD

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