Thursday, September 03, 2015

Track Of The Day :: In Hoodies - My Con

Words: Linn Branson

A touch of Turkish delight with one track from the recent two-track 'EP': 'My Con' by an Istanbul-based outfit called In Hoodies. Now it may make sense in Turkish, but despite being a little confused by their name (no, it's not rap, hip hop or a genre you may more associate with hoodies; and to be honest, not sure they even wear them), and the song title (is it a 'big con'? Air con?), we are going to go with this as a Track Of The Day.

We may not be all that sure if 'they' even are a 'they', or more just a one-man project - with hoodie helpers - from Murat Kılıkçıer, who is on vocals, guitars and keys here and seems to be the main man in the hood.

He tells us he "made some sessions in London with Chris Potter" (Rolling Stones, U2, Richard Ashcroft, The Verve) a short time ago, of which 'My Con', an alt-pop-rock refrain, is one of the results. Nice and smooth, softly lilting, and as you would only expect from a producer of Potter's calibre, superbly helmed; the last 30 seconds are rather Ashcroft-like, too.

Appears to be an album upcoming in October, so will be interesting to hear more from the boy/s in the hood.

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