Friday, October 23, 2015

EP Review :: Blossoms - Charlemagne



October 30 2015 (Virgin EMI)


Words: Alison Mack

Stockport's Blossoms have cornered a market in indie guitar sound, full of psych pop influences, swathed in reverb and cut through with abundant synth riffs.

They kick off with current single and title track which is as big a hitter as they could wish for with its infectiously more-ish 80s style synths, here given a fresh updated appeal; even on first listen it'll have you singing along to it. Being the first track to open the EP into is a wise move as the following two don't really come close to matching it. Which is not to say they're bad, just that they don't resonate anywhere near as strongly.

There's a change of direction on the slower tempo, clipped beat of 'Across The Moor', and 'Polka Dot Bones' is adequate, but forgettable. Where they come into their own again is with the fourth and last, 'For Evelyn'. Three minutes long, it is a sparse, uncluttered track, softer in tone and focussed on just Tom Ogden's vocals and piano backing, and shows that Blossoms have more strings to their bow than just guitar ones.

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