Sunday, October 25, 2015

Track Of The Day :: Lilt - Capture

Words: Ellie Ward

The thing that places Australian electronic duo Lilt apart from others in their genre is their ability to surprise. If you expect this electronic male/female duo to sound like 4/5 other male/female electronic duos, you may be pleasantly surprised.

New single 'Capture' - digitally released last week (October 22) - is the follow-up to the Perth-based pair's - Louise Penman (vocals/ guitar), Matt Mclean (synths) earlier hit 'Don't Tell Me', yet takes a somewhat darker route.

It's Louise Penman's phrasing and moody soaring vocal delivery on the repeated "You think about it every day", that in juxtaposition with Matt Mclean's crystalline synths and crisp production and thumping, minimal percussion, that keeps the listener hooked.

'Capture' is an obviously personal track, written by Louise, who says: "For me, the track is about that feeling of restlessness and dissatisfaction with different aspects of my life. I feel like I take on too much and then do too little. That I make all these promises and I end up falling short on some of them, especially the ones I made to myself. Lately I keep thinking that I should be moving on but there is always something holding me here, some small sense of hope that I still have things to achieve."

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