Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watch / Listen :: Fresh Snow - Don't Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Photo: Yosh Cooper

Words: Sam Geary

At over 10 minutes long, not only does Toronto's Fresh Snow's album track have a NSFW title in 'Don't Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth', but its part psych, part drones, part bludgeoning vocals of Fucked Up's Damian Abraham almost deserves a category in its own right.

Above, you can check out the mind-spinning Ghostprom-directed video clip, or if you prefer, stream the track below via Soundcloud.

Fresh Snow recently released 'Won' via Hand Drawn Dracula from which the mammoth effort that is 'Don't Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth' is taken.

Since their first show in 2011, Andy Lloyd (bass, keys), Brad Davis (guitars, keys), Jon Maki (drums), and Tim Condon (keys) have released a split 7" single with Metz, a full-length album, 'I' (Reel Cod Records), and a cover of 'Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle', featuring vocals by Julie Fader on the Nirvana tribute album, 'Milkin' It' (Hand Drawn Dracula).

Primarily an instrumental band with a core line-up augmented by guest horn and string players (including Trent Severn's Laura C. Bates), Fresh Snow is not easy to pigeonhole, featuring elements of krautrock, drones, noise, and psych.

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