Friday, November 20, 2015

EP Review :: Lea Porcelain - Lea Porcelain

Lea Porcelain

Lea Porcelain

November 20 2015


Words: Linn Branson

Given that we have already been treated to three of the four tracks on electronic duo Lea Porcelain's debut EP over the last nine months, it may not come as anything of a surprise but it does harness a quartet of quality together in one package.

Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus cite influences being the likes of Boards of Canada, Shed, Four Tet, Can and Radiohead, so as you may guess, their sound is post-punk, dark and somewhat despondent, yet saved from drowning in the mire of gloom by their approach.

Their epic debut, ’Similar Familiar’, plays on a distorted and menacing electronic edge in the kind of post-punk style one could see Joy Division might have made had they been German, and with a techno leaning. ‘A Year From Here’, possibly the EP standout, ranks highly not just for being a really cool ear-grabbing kind of song, but its bringing in a ukulele, and adding soaring strings and synth-like laid-back percussion all add to make it something a bit special.

'Bones' is big and spacious in feel, swathed in moody post-punk lines with a melancholic, haunting tone to its underbelly, while 'Loose Life' harkens back to the level of ominous brooding intensity of electronic techno noire. Lea Porcelain have raised the game in their genre, making it both accessible and emotionally stirring.

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