Thursday, November 12, 2015

Live Review :: Bloc Party :: 02 ABC, Glasgow - Nov 9 2015

Live Review

Bloc Party

02 ABC, Glasgow

November 9 2015

Words: Izzy B

The Glasgow night outside may have been as wet and miserable as any November night could be, but inside the city's 02 ABC venue expectation was high for the return of Bloc Party. Yes, the party that not so long ago was looking like it had run out of balloons after losing its drummer and bassist, having its frontman settle into solo life, and guitarist moonlight with Ash.

Now back as a unit, albeit with just vocalist Kele Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack from BP Mark I, they fill out the room with indie, dancefloor numbers, giving a chance to try out their new album 'Hymns' arriving soon after 2016 enters, as well as revisit their 'Silent Alarm' debut album which reaches doubles figures this year.

The drums that herald in opener 'Eden' immediately transfix the crowd with background strobe light effects working in with the effective drums and Okereke confidently holding a vocal crowd. He greets the Scottish audience with, “Hello Glasgow, we are Bloc Party from England,” as they conclude the song and before launching into ‘Hunting For Witches’ with its haunting electronic emphasis, and old favourite. 'Banquet'.

Some of the new material did not fair so well. ‘Exes’, a loose ballad which Okereke vocalises to good effect, is greeted by pockets of  crowd indifference though their pop-orientated new single ‘The Love Within’ chimes more favourably on its insistent synth line. Familiar crowd-pleasers fill the encore: the electro punk 'Flux', 'Helicopter' and the soaring 'This Modern Love'. And by the time Bloc Party left the stage for the night, they had demonstrated that the new party had well and truly started.

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