Sunday, November 15, 2015

Track Of The Day :: JAALA - Salt Shaker

Photo: WILK

Words: Sam Geary

With debut album 'Hard Hold' due from Melbourne four-piece Jaala on November 20 (via Australian label Wondercore Island), the band unveil their Thomas Henning-directed video for lead cut 'Salt Shaker'.

The visuals - which see vocalist Cosima Jaala roam sandy wastes, with some 'notable' accompaniments, including erm, tampons - as much as the song - opening lines: "I lick salt right off my hand/helps me to feel like I'm still by that ocean" - are intriguing and gripping.

Describing 'Salt Shaker', Cosima says it's about, "abandoning the pimply-arsed town I grew up in, south east of Brisbane, in a hot soup of shopping mall carparks so hot you can die like a dog in your car. The men don't speak, they grunt at you for more beer. The pub; working there was nice. I saw a man dip his chode into the communal vat of tomato sauce. I spent 18 years watching the television - on average about six hours a day. The ocean was saviour and lord, heavy waves were a welcomed beating. I once had a little nap in the patrol tower, as a junior cadet lifesaver, hungover because of an archaic beer-soaked ritual the night before where I watched respected club honchos draw blood from each other's asses with flippers in the gear shed. 'Salt Shaker' serves as a neat little cathartic bundle of all of these memories and more. The conflict between an awareness that your integrity depends on leaving and the pain of forsaking familiarity."

Jaala play an album launch show on December 5 at Melbourne's The Curtin.

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