Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One To Watch :: Red Light Effect

Words: Linn Branson

Salford four-piece Red Light Effect might be a name to put a few pennies on if you're a betting kind of person. Their new single 'Phosphorous', which is digitally released on February 1, has already been much lauded on Radio X this week by Clint Boon (sitting in for John Kennedy).

Formed last year, the band's 80s Manchester sound has been gradually honed over the last 12 months and are now going down with "more of a 'twist of psychedelia' sound", and 'Phosphorus' is the first of "a few new songs in the set and they are all in this new vein. We will be keeping the momentum and are back in the studio in mid January to record again."

Like phosphorus, there is a certain glow to 'Phosphorus' the single, with some gorgeous twanging guitar interplay going on with forceful vocals between the two Scott brothers, Ian and Dale respectively.

Red Light Effect are: Dale Scott - vocals, Ian Scott - guitar, Ian Dickson - bass, Ste Hewertson - drums

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