Friday, October 13, 2017

Live Review :: The Amazons :: 02 Forum Kentish Town, London - Oct 12 2017


The Amazons

02 Forum Kentish Town, London

October 12 2017

Words: Neil Cole

Pictures: Alan Sharpe

It’s been quite a 2017 for The Amazons. A debut album under their belts, a series of well received festival slots, and now their biggest gig to date: a sold out, 3000 capacity Forum in Kentish Town. They’ve become quite the live performers in that time, and last night delivered a supremely confident show that pretty much guarantees this will be their last London show in a venue that small.

The freedom of a headline tour gave them an opportunity to roadtest the album, and they played every track from their self-titled LP.  They also played early single and fan favourite 'Nightdriving', as well as B-Side 'Millions' which was book-ended by their biggest hit to date, 'Black Magic'.

The highlight of the set though was the ferocious double header of 'Little Something' and 'In My Mind'. These two songs suddenly become much heavier when played live, giving the live set another dimension and the crowd an opportunity to go absolutely mental.

The beauty of seeing a band like The Amazons in the relatively confined space of the Forum was that everyone there was a real fan of the band and of the album. They must have realised this was something special when they paused 'In My Mind' to let the crowd sing along... to the guitar riff!

The encore finished with the slower paced 'Palace', played by frontman Matt Thompson on a piano he said he grew up playing. Then the set closed, as is now traditional (if that’s possible for a band that’s only two years old) with the huge crowd singalong 'Junk Food Forever'.

An epic performance by The Amazons, and we look forward to seeing them again in the years to come... in much bigger venues no doubt.

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