Saturday, January 09, 2016

Album Review :: Hinds - Leave Me Alone


Leave Me Alone

January 8 2016 (Lucky Number)


Words: Alison Mack

The four-girl Spanish indie-pop Hinds have created something of a buzz around themselves over the course of the last year - perhaps in part due to a name change from their original Deers - gearing up to this 12 song debut album. Though releasing on the same day as a certain Mr. Bowie may have been seen as a day to bury a lacklustre album, if this indeed were. But in fact it is a rumbustious clammer of DIY garage rock and girl group styles (vis-a-vis Haim, Warpaint) that make for an enjoyable listen, if not exactly an award-winning one.

Whether due to the language translation, or just plain ridiculous young girl phrasing, a lot of the lyrics make little sense and are easily disposable. Take the frenzied chug of 'Castigadas En El Granero' (“Punished in the Barn") as just one example:"All I see is a big cow/And now I'm eating all your corn." But that aside, 'Leave Me Alone' is saved by the likes of punky jangle opener 'Garden', 2014 single release, the catchy 'Bamboo' with its wailing harmonies, and the spacey 'And I Will Send Your Flowers Back'.

The dual vocals of Carlotta Cosials and Ana GarcĂ­a Perrote direct proceedings, as in 'San Diego' with yelled chorus and jangle rhythm, and fuzzy closer 'Walking Home' - despite yet more silly metaphors such as, "You're the map to my toe" and "You're the rice of my bowl". Nonetheless, there's a welter of sheer spiritedness about Hinds and their infectious melodies that's hard not to like.

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