Sunday, January 24, 2016

Listen :: COLOUR may be 'Nowhere' but we think they're definitely going somewhere!

Words: LB

The now Liverpool-based COLOUR are a band who Little Indie have been behind since the beginning of last year when we first heard the striking lead track from their debut four-song EP 'Strangers', and which we followed in September with our track exclusive of 'Shattered'.

Now the quartet are about to release their new and richly-hued, math rock-esque single 'Nowhere' next month to follow their impressive debut. With a huge guitar intro and more glitchy feel, the band take a step forward - not least in the lyrical content, for example: "Jealousy / In-the darkness / Says unto itself / Time to turn youth into madness..." and: "Oh / They're not your friends / They'll fill you with the little things / That dig you down further...".

This is the first of a bunch of new material the band have lined up for 2016. We can't wait to hear more.

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