Monday, January 25, 2016

Listen :: Jimmy Chang - Welfare Youth

Words: Ellie Ward

With it being National Australia Day tomorrow (January 26) - or already, if you happen to be in the Down Under timezone - what better than to celebrate with Jimmy Chang and his “hot tuna”, as he labels his music.

Previously known as ‘Zealous Chang’, Jimmy is about as out-and-out Aussie as an episode of Home & Away, with both his material and Facebook posts littered with some fine ol' ripper expressions. The ex-Perth native, now ensconced in Melbourne, has just released his psych-pop-esque album 'Changwave', and we suggest you open a tinny and settle back for a listen.

Recorded in his bedroom with just a guitar and some vintage Casio synths, the overall psych vibe of the work disguises some hard-hitting themes as slacker anthem 'Welfare Youth', below, demonstrates with its tale of a student struggling to get by on his weekly benefit payments to support his music passion. It's a song that relates equally well to British youth no doubt, as much as to young Australians in its argument of going for what you believe in.

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