Friday, January 29, 2016

Zayn Malik drops debut solo Pillowtalk - and its hot romp video

Words: Alison Mack

Okay, let's put aside boybands, One Direction, The X Factor and young teen screamers, and judge Zayn Malik's debut single 'Pillowtalk' on its merits.

Both the single and video have dropped today, and the latter will no doubt cause much fervor featuring as it does Zayn - he has now abandoned his surname as moniker - with model and girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The clip was directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Bouha Kazmi (Flicker, Jay-Z's Onto The Next One). 

Firstly, it has a style and vocal not too unlike Various Cruelties' Liam O'Donnell: Slow, sensuous and minimalist, with an R&B/soul flavour, big bass beat and guitar solo, it shows the now 23-year-old Zayn has moved up and away from his teen image.

'Pillowtalk' is the first single from Zayn's debut album 'Mind Of Mine', which is released on March 25 via RCA Records, and comes on the anniversary of Zayn's decision to become a solo artist. It is undoubtedly going to be a hit for Zayn, just going on his fanbase alone. What might have been more interesting would have been for him to put this out anonymously, allowing it to be viewed solely on content.

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