Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Introducing :: Gylt

Words: Linn Branson

Despite their Welsh-sounding name, Gylt are an up-and-coming fresh new name for 2016 who hail from the north London area of Finsbury Park.

Formed during last year's heady summer, Josh, Josh and Cal have been concentrating on writing and recording. The first fruit from those labours now arrives in the shape of 'Light On'.

Written in Dalston's Blue Studios, and recorded with Stereolab's Andy Ramsay at his South Bermondsey studio, 'Light On', says bassist Josh Holliday, "may not be our most intricate composition to date, but we felt it the most immediate, hence our deciding to lead with this one. It derives influence from breakups, breakdowns and Television." (And that is the band, not the telly box, by the way.)

Drawing comparisons to The Libertines, early Blur and Franz Ferdinand, 'Light On' conveys plenty of alt-rock swagger with catchy anthemic chorus and big guitar chords that ensure you have to give it another listen.

Still to make their live debut ("we're currently readying our live show"), keep a look out for Gylt around April time.

Gylt are: Josh Scarratt - vocals/lead guitar, Josh Holliday - bass, Cal South - drums.

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