Friday, February 05, 2016

Introducing :: Norra

Words: Ellie Ward

Bristol-based alt-rock four-piece Norra (we are guessing that rhymes with 'lorra' and not 'Nora') have just unveiled the first and title track from their forthcoming debut EP.

'Far Below It' is available as a free download now, with the four-track EP digitally released on February 25.

The band - who formed at the start of last year after meeting at university in Cornwall - returned to the county to team up with Brinley Hall to record and mix the record at his beachtop studio in Porthtowan.

With the intent on exploring musical boundaries, Norra's first track 'Far Below It' paints on an atmospheric soundscape, that takes in a distortion-driven wall of sound, with shining guitar riffs - with great use of effects and distortion - deep bass and drums; and boy, will you want to hear a whole lot more of Kieran Marsden's vocals once you've heard this track.

Norra are:
Kieran Marsden - Vocals/ Guitar
Lewis Spear - Guitar
James Harvey - Bass
Gabe Palmer - Drums

More info: FACEBOOK

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