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Live Review :: Pretty Vicious :: Dingwalls, London - Feb 11 2016

Live Review

Pretty Vicious

Dingwalls, London

February 11 2016

Words/Photos: Lydia Smedley

Merthyr Tydfil's finest exports, the four-piece, much talked about teen terrors, Pretty Vicious, pitched up at the capital's Dingwalls tonight for a headline gig as part of the NME Awards Shows 2016 which showcases the most exciting new British talent around right now.

This long sold-out show was always destined to be something of an event given the hype that has preceded them, and Pretty Vicious certainly didn't come over as anything less than a triumph, with Brad Griffiths and his cohorts performing as tight as Mick Jagger's trousers.

As the already pumped crowd roared with cheers, the indie rockers took to the stage kicking off with 'It’s Always There'. As the ecstatic audience began to bounce to the dramatic intro, people vibrated to the build-up before they unleashed their madness on one another to the bang of 17-year-old Elliot Jones heavy drum thrashing and insane guitar riffs from Thomas McCarthy and Jarvis Morgan.

Griffiths' rustic, raw vocals reverberated around the room beautifully as people lost themselves in every song that followed. 'Are You Ready For Me' was a particular standout and real crowd pleaser; the fast drum beat matching the shouted vocals that together created one incredible blast of energy throughout the mosh pits. This song really did make me question whether by some demonic force between Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood had created this Pretty Vicious love child.

The young Welsh lads proceeded to smash their way through their set, seeming to relish every second. 'National Plastics' - a set staple and last year's single release that saw them brought to a wider audience - featuring an absolutely dazzling tight guitar riff, naturally sent the crowd insane - literally. As the band continued playing, bodies were getting taken out left, right and centre, as wannabe Liam Gallaghers started on some football hooligan-like frenzy as if they were reenacting the 90s, resulting in a few injuries being sustained during the night.

The penultimate song of the night brought the boppers to life on the catchy intro, pushing each other out of the way to make room for a pit before the band broke into 'Cave Song'; everyone singing along to the very simple chorus, beers chucked skywards as they jumped deliriously around the room.

Though the night was now drawing to an close, the band were clearly not intent on leaving quietly after the epic set they had just delivered. They ended with indie rock banger 'Are You Entertained', which they had aired at Glastonbury last year. As Griffiths kicked straight in with his vicious, dirty vocals rocking on stage with his band mates perfectly in sync together, the audience were left exhausted, yet satiated - and clearly would have been up for another hour's set.

Already being described as the best indie band since Oasis, Pretty Vicious are without doubt a force to be reckoned with. As they look set to blow a wind of change in everyone's faces, there is nothing you can do about it, except enjoy it.

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