Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Live Review :: Tame Impala :: Alexandra Palace, London - Feb 12 2016

Photo: Matt Newton

Live Review

Tame Impala

Alexandra Palace, London

February 12 2016

Words: Izzy B

Tame Impala have grown from Kevin Parker's solo project to the five-piece outfit they now are, trading psychedelic rock vibes that has brought them to two sold-out nights at London's Alexandra Palace.

Pulling no punches, a beautifully executed set was augmented by a laser light display - worthy of a show in its own right - of mesmerizing swirling patterns suitably framed the understated presence of Kevin Parker, who at times almost became lost on the stage in the fog of billowing smoke.

Opening on 'Let It Happen', the Oz band proceeded to do just that. From the rhythmic synth, swooping melody and swooning guitar here, and Parker’s own other-worldly, reverb layered vocal, through to a raft of  numbers from last year's 'Currents', they caught up the crowd, and all tripped out together.

'Why Won't They Talk to Me?' is an early set highlight, while 2012's 'Elephant' is undoubtedly one of the night's highpoints, with its throbbing stomper beat sending the adrenaline soaring in the front rows.

Though Parker himself is not a garrulous frontman, there is enough in the emotion behind songs such as 'Yes I'm Changing' and 'Eventually' to hold court on: both delivered with an intimate projection that belied the vast Ally Pally auditorium.

The 16-song set ends with 'Apocalypse Dreams', before the band return to 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' and as confetti rains down during finale 'New Person, Same Old Mistakes', they bring the Palace crowd as one like true kings. And as everyone starts to file out into the cold February night, there is only one thing people want to talk about, and that's Kevin.

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