Sunday, February 28, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Bengal Lancers - Marathon

Words: Linn Branson

'Marathon' is the new single from London three-piece Bengal Lancers, released via Secret Dinosaur Records on March 4, and which Little Indie premieres here.

Recorded at Fat Tank Studios and produced once again by Max Perryment, 'Marathon' sees the band on form with their trademarks of heartfelt songwriting and stirring melodies, which we last saw on double A-side single 'Moon'/'Sun' - which Little Indie also premiered here last October.

After what the band describe as having been "a bit of a turbulent year for the three of us: re-locations, break-ups and uncertainties in regards to our next steps", they now seem once again focused, with 'Marathon' being what vocalist and songwriter Harry Sullivan describes as "a really positive song. It's about carrying on with life, even when you feel you're about to fall apart. Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that things have a way of working out in the end."

As its title suggests, 'Marathon' was borne out of Sullivan's participation in long distance running as a means of clearing the mind as much as honing the physical body - "I guess the method of coping remains the same mentally in the same way that it does physically" - and at almost seven minutes in length, it is one that takes things at a measured pace. Its alt-folk elements and Sullivan's passionate vocal delivery, which in its build of strident guitars and forceful drums soundscape resembles that of a runner pounding the turf.

Bengal Lancers have produced here in 'Marathon' something quite masterly, and epic in its own way. "I think the message of the track is pretty clear. It's definitely one of our maturer tracks," says Sullivan. We agree.

Bengal Lancers play London's Birthdays on April 2.

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