Thursday, February 25, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Eagulls - My Life In Rewind

Words: Linn Branson

Well, well, well. Have Eagulls ever sounded better than what they do on this latest track, 'My Life In Rewind'? That may be arguable, but they are certainly ripping a new, more textural, sound here. It's all emotive, and lush, and big, and, very very good: I personally like it to at least an 8/10 level, I will admit.

The track follows 'Lemontrees' revealed recently, also from what has now been announced as the second Eagulls album, 'Ullages', which will be released on May 13 via Partisan. The record - the follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut - and whose name is an anagram of Eagulls , was recorded in a converted church in Leeds, where it would seem, going on these two tracks, the Leeds outfit consciously sought to draw out new melodic shapes.

'My Life In Rewind' is a down-tempo, sprawling beast that slowly and sinuously works itself into your head. George Mitchell's vocals add an air of both gloom and depth to the refined lyric writing.

'Ullages' Tracklisting:

01 Heads Or Tails
02 Euphoria
03 My Life In Rewind
04 Harpstrings
05 Velvet
06 Psalms
07 Blume
08 Skipping
09 Lemontrees
10 Aisles
11 White Lie Lullabies

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