Sunday, February 21, 2016

[Video] Holy Fever - Find Your Fame

Los Angeles outfit Holy Fever are set to drop their debut full-length ‘The Wreckage’, on April 8.

Comprised of members of underground punk bands American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy, and The Explosion, and with crossover members of indie-pop band Beginners, Holy Fever’s sound  as you might expect, touches the sides of originality. ‘The Wreckage’ is marked by unlikely combinations, punctuated by surprising hooks, challenging punk convention.

Check out the video above to track 'Find Your Fever'. With just $150 (£100) to spend, the band set out to make a video “that didn’t look like one of those videos from the 90s where they give you a blow up guitar and you walk away with a DVD of you singing a Wham song. The only real option was to shrink us down and make ourselves out of paper to get it done right. And, to be fair, it’s not like we skimped on the production. Those paper bags used for the puppets were the extra large size ones that come in packs of only 50 instead of 100. Also, the tin can tops you see as the cymbals came from some pretty high end soup cans.

"The bulk of the work was making all of the stuff you see in the video. It took a week of long nights with a hot glue gun and dollar store markers and overpriced yarn to build everything including little replicas of our actual guitars and amps, drums, mics, mic stands, puppets and all the rest of it. The video was shot in a single afternoon in our singer’s living room with about 15 friends stopping by in shifts throughout the day to puppeteer and drink Tecate between takes. Now, if we could just get those puppets to tour…”

With vocals from Todd Cooper and Samantha Barbera (also on bass), gritty guitar riffs from Neeraj Kane and Brian Masek, and Andrew Black’s explosive drumming, 'Find Your Fame’ is about "a woman in Mexico named ‘Diana the Hunter’ who was killing bus drivers as retaliation for sexual attacks against women in her town. Even though it can be a dangerous path, there’s something so empowering and invigorating about vigilante justice.”

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