Sunday, March 06, 2016

Introducing :: Exam Season

Words: Ellie Ward

Ed Watson is the man behind the Exam Season moniker, which, judging by his low profile (and seeming dislike of cameras), is probably all you are going to get, for now at least - other than the first public track he has unveiled online.

Recorded at his home in Ringwood, Hampshire before moving up to London, with Toby Matthews on drums, 'A Petty Song', is a foot-tapping number that builds on bright rocky drums, a pop-rock melody and some ear-grabbing vocal moments from Watson midway.

With a five-track EP, ‘Mostly Homely’, on the way shortly, plus live shows being set for spring, the plan, says Watson, is to make the project into a band very soon, "so although the song is solely my work, everything in the future will be a collaboration. It's really early days at the moment."

More info: FACEBOOK

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