Monday, March 07, 2016

Listen :: Atlantic Shore are coming up with 'The Comedown'

Words: Linn Branson

Another band (of a seeming cluster over the last months) treading indie eagerness, big hooks and big rousing chorus is Atlantic Shore who released new single 'The Comedown' last Friday.

Although we say 'new', a little investigation reveals this track did first appear in 2014 as a self-produced demo, though you will be hard pressed to find evidence of it now on Soundcloud. This latest and revitalised recording was produced by Sam Winfield (Fickle Friends, Amber Run, Pixel Fix), and is the follow-up to debut single ‘Stay Here’, and 'Easier' from earlier this year.

A pop-inflected indie rock affair, 'The Comedown' is more of a come-up for the now north-west-based (Liverpool / Manchester / Leeds) four-piece (all with roots around Herts/Bucks). Cascades of guitar riffs and Dan Noble's pre-pubescent high vocals work in a curious harmony, aided by some nice drums, it's a Coasts-lite work - no bad thing at all - and the end is glorious. Given the right exposure, Atlantic Shore could well be all over your ear-space by the end of 2016.

Live dates
27 Manchester, Ruby Lounge
28 Leeds, The Wardrobe
30 Live at Leeds, Leeds

Atlantic Shore are: Dan Noble - vocals/guitar, Will Tse - bass/backing vocals, Dan Sullivan - guitar/backing vocals, Ed Juniper - drums

More info: FACEBOOK

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