Saturday, March 19, 2016

Track Of The Day :: Gibberish - Rudedude

Words: Ellie Ward

This is really quite something from the Gibberish husband and wife team, Derek (vocals, guitar, kick drum, samples) and Lorie (synth, bass) Bromley. Originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, now based in Los Angeles, the psych-pop pair have just shared new track 'Rudedude'.

The follow-up to their self-produced debut LP 'Winter Coat' released last year, was  recorded in an LA bedroom, and is the first recording on which they have used samples on, giving the track more of an electronic vibe than 'Winter Coat'. The opening seconds of percussion alone are worth a listen, before you even hear the vocal component.

"I had the ground layer of the rhythm already recorded and saved back in Fayetteville - that's the percussion you hear at the beginning," explains Derek, "but everything else had to be recorded either through a small, old 8" Alamo amp or direct."

The result you hear on 'Rudedude' combines the layered textures of sound with the glorious dreamy vocals and looped drums, which really make this an interesting and standout track. Look out for another single shortly, prior to working on the first Gibberish full-length.

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