Saturday, March 05, 2016

[Video] Palehound - Molly

Released in the US last year, but only coming out in the UK yesterday via Heavenly Records, 'Dry Food' is the debut album by Palehound (who co-produced with Gabe Wax).

And to coincide, Palehound - 21year-old Ellen Kempner’s project - has also put out a video for LP track 'Molly'. It follows the surreal (and slightly tragic) story of EggGuy, and the woman who eventually eats him. It's enough to put you off a fry-up for life.

“EggGuy was concocted during a late morning brunch mishap,” say the video's co-directors Lara Jean Gallagher and Brian Kinkley. “We wanted to explore the frailty of life, what it means to have consciousness, and how much we could care about a pair of eyeballs. ‘Molly’ has just the right amount of weird sweetness to make this all seem really fun.”

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