Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Introducing :: Lyon Road

Words: Izzy B

Say hello to Wigan-based indie-pop four-piece Lyon Road who recently came out roaring with the catchy beats of new single 'Moving'.

Formed in late 2014, the guys, who have been gigging around the North-West over the last year and gradually building up a fanbase, cite various influences to theur sound from The Smiths Marvin Gaye, George Ezra to John Mayer. "I think the combination of so many different influences is what makes it Lyon Road," vocalist Tom Byrom tells Little Indie. "We have a heavy and detailed attention to groove and rhythm and combine this with pop melodies and simple hooks and that's what works for us."

You can check out whether it works for you by taking a listen to 'Moving' below.

"We wrote the track in September," says Tom, "and it's one we love playing live, but it's also one of the hardest to create the same effect as the studio recording with just four instruments without using backing tracks!"

Heading back into the studio in the next weeks to record a follow-up, Lyon Road also plan to re-release an earlier track called 'Circles' shortly.

"We did release a couple of tracks early in 2015 which got quite a good response and helped us promote ourselves. But we decided to take them down as we don't think they were a true reflection of who are as musicians and people. We decided we wanted to re-invent ourselves with a track that correctly represented our style and influence so we came out with 'Moving'. It felt a bit like us saying to everyone, 'Okay, this is what we're actually about'."

Catch Lyon Road live and see for yourselves what they're all about when they play Manchester's Academy 3 on April 9.

Lyon Road are: Tom Byrom - vocals, guitar; Sam Birchall -bass; Alex O'Brien - guitar; Cameron Gaskell - drums.

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