Friday, April 08, 2016

** PREMIERE ** Sara Parkman - E4 N

Words: Ellie Ward

There's something about these icy Scandinavian girls and the way they can get their tonsils around words and turn out more vocal acrobatics than an Olympic gymnast.

Sara Parkman from Härnosand in northern Sweden is loosely termed a 'folk' artist, but not perhaps folk in the way you might be expecting. Combining the arts and crafts from the Swedish folkloric world of music with contemporary electronica elements and vocal calls, she creates something that is both artistic and compelling.

'E4 N', which Little Indie premieres here, marks the debut single from Sara, and is literally a 'calling out' inspired by the old Scandinavian way of calling home the cattle from the woods. Fusing the folk tradition with electronic production, violin, synths, a berimbau - a Brazilian single string percussion instrument - and of course, Sara's own hypnotic and primal vocal delivery, 'E4 N' also exudes an Indian tinge in its undertone beats that lend an added exotic flavour to what is overall, a very heady mix.


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