Thursday, April 07, 2016

[Video] My Gold Mask - Connect

Words: Ellie Ward

The thing about Chicago-based electro-pop outfit My Gold Mask is that while they have an ear-grabbing sound (as we featured last November with 'Connect') and eye-catching visuals - both of which in full evidence here with the video to 'Connect', the fact that after seven years that they aren't better known, you have to think could be down to their name: My Gold Mask. Hmm, not as appealing perhaps as what they have to offer.

The other factor maybe that while their material is good there's a long wait in between. Their latest LP, 'Anxious Utopia', for example, released via Moon Sounds Records, is their first since 2013's 'Leave Me Midnight'.

But some things are worth waiting for and My Gold Mask's shimmering pop synth sound and Gretta Rochelle's sparkling vocals all create a mesmerizing palette.

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