Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Video] Toothless - Terra

Bombay Bicycle Club's Ed Nash launched his Toothless project last month with an advance drop of debut single, 'Terra', released on May 13 via Transgressive/ ParadYse Records on limited edition 7” vinyl/digitally.

'Terra' - which was self-produced and then mixed by Beach House/TV On The Radio producer, Chris Coady, with additional production by Jack Steadman - now has a partner video which was unveiled today.

Ed says of the video, made by Joseph & Joseph and Kit Monteith: "One of the biggest reasons I wanted to release 'Terra' first was because of the possibilities with the video. The song’s loosely about the death of the sun which luckily lends itself to strong imagery. I sat down with Kit Monteith, who I’ve been working with to create all the visual stuff for Toothless to sketch out some ideas and I knew I wanted the video to have some really strong visuals rather then focussing on a story. We’re both massive fans of Melancholia and Tree of Life (in particular the middle scene for this project) which we thought had a similar feel to 'Terra', slow moving and cinematic, where the look of the film alone is enough to keep the viewer hooked. That was the starting point for the visuals.

"So the idea was to make something that looks as good as those films on 1/1000th of the budget and ideally to not take several years! Full credit goes to the directors Joseph & Joseph for realising this vision. What I love most about what they’ve created is how ambiguous it is. Even I’m still trying to figure out exactly what all of it means."

Toothless will make his live debut at London's Moth Club on May 17.

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