Thursday, April 28, 2016

Watch :: Parisian outfit SEAS share live session 'Shallow Ends' video

Photo: Elliot BrouƩ

Words: Linn Branson

Parisian nu-popwave five-piece SEAS have, according to their publicity, "pretty good energy and universe." We're a bit puzzled as to what the latter refers to (all lost in the language translation, I guess. C'est la vie), but the former is on the mark.

Releasing their debut EP, 'A Part Of The Main', back in October, one of the tracks from the record, 'Shallow Ends' has now been unveiled in this live session video, below, directed by Boreal Creative (Florian DuboƩ, Philippe Mousseigne and Leo Mozoloa).

SEAS are: Leo Mozoloa - vocals, Philippe Mousseigne - guitar, Maxime De Guibert - bass, Jon K. Harker - guitar, Hugo Dupuis - drums.

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