Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Album Review :: Holy Fuck - Congrats

Holy Fuck


May 27 2016 (Innovative Leisure)


Words: Alison Mack

This is Toronto-based electronic collective Holy Fuck's first full-length album in six years, following 2010’s 'Latin'. But the intervening years seem to have been spent in carefully crafting a ten-track work of incendiary big hitters from fuzzy opener 'Chimes Broken', through first single, the driving, distorted bass-amped 'Tom Tom'; to the superb 'Xed Eyes', and the funkish overtones of 'Neon Dad'.

That all these come in the album's first half indicate the full on profusion of bombastic percussion, synths and distorted electronic onslaughts. There's a slight wavering thereafter with the remaining tracks not quite living up to the senses-punch of its start. 'Shivering' chills out on shimmering synth that builds over electronics and female vocal, while 'Sabbatics' is a sub-four minutes of techno dubstep. 'House Of Glass' delivers a disco beat with funk and dubstep effects. Penultimate track 'Acidic' brings the album up again with relentless percussion, and the sprawling jangle of 'Crapture' brings closure on 'Congrats' swathe of intensity.

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