Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EP Review :: Tibet - Above The Moon


Above The Moon (Alcopop! / Rat Trap Recordings)

May 23 2016


Words: Kenny Davies

There must be something in the Welsh waters these days with four-piece Cardiff band Tibet following in the footsteps of Catfish, Trampolene and Pretty Vicious in gaining nationwide exposure.

Taking inspiration for the EP title from the local venue where they cut their live musical teeth, The Moon, 'Above The Moon' is double-loaded offering with eight songs, each of which leaves you wanting more. None more so than the opening song and debut single 'I'll Put You In My Pocket'. Combining great harmonies, sharp lead guitar and an ever present upbeat tempo results in a perfectly crafted pop song with nods to 60s, 90s and classic British songwriting.

These traits flow through the whole EP. 'She Don't Know' with its infectious chorus, soaring vocals will have you singing along well after the song has finished. 'So Low You Forgot How To Lose' bubbles and fizzles along nicely. Add into the mix some great harmonies, an Arctic Monkeys style hook, rumbling drums and you have a song that is sure to have the crowds dancing all summer long.

'My Girl' is a slower tempo song but showcases the band's ear for creating 'lighters in the air' moments with its almost acapella build-up to the choruses. A short sharp burst of two-minute indie pop comes in the form of 'In My Head', combining a fast-paced vocal delivery with harmonies galore, whilst underneath the drums and guitars weave it all together.

Closer 'Tell The World' sees the band's use of doubling up on lead vocals with Beach Boys quality harmonies make for a rousing finale. 'Tell the World' opens and closes with the line "I'm ready to leave this old town" and on the evidence of 'Above the Moon', Tibet are ready to leave Cardiff and conquer.

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