Sunday, May 08, 2016

Introducing :: Harbouring Oceans

Words: Ellie Ward

Sometimes a new band comes along without any publicity hype or fanfare, just goes about their own PR - and proceeds to blow you away in the process on the sheer quality of their music alone.

Harbouring Oceans, a five-piece alt pop/art rock band from Kilkenny, Ireland fit the bill perfectly. This debut single 'Enso', digitally released last week (May 3), chills the spine with its deep rhythmic grooves and Dan Pearson's passionate and soulful vocals are a thing in themselves.

Lyrically, the band inform us, 'Enso' "examines the creative process and having the courage to persist through hardship". If Harbouring Oceans have more on this scale, we could potentially be seeing a future great band here.

Harbouring Oceans are: Dan Pearson - vocals/guitar, Geoff Warner-Clayton - keys/vocals, Ken Farrell - bass, Thomas Donoghue - lead guitar, Benedict Warner-Clayton - drums.

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