Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Words: Linn Branson

The former 'humbugs' that Little Indie (re-)introduced here last September as BLUSH, may still only be aged 18 but they are definitely making all the right moves.

Latest on the musical cards for the Essex lads from the Southend-on-Sea reaches is a visual treatment to accompany their forthcoming new single 'WRNG', and which Little Indie shares first viewing of here.

The follow-up to 'Daggers', their debut single, 'WRNG' is a blistering slice of (dare we say it) anthemic indie rock from the band who has already impressed the likes of Tom Robinson's Fresh On The Net team and Gary Crowley at BBC Introducing London. Express train-paced with jangly guitars, infectious rhythms and a chorus just geared for a sing-along, 'WRNG' according to lead singer Ben Rotherham, was lyrically inspired by "an argument", though elucidates no further, leaving further interpretation up to the listener.

Directed and produced by Kelly Munro, the relatively simple video for the track gives an idea of the band in live performance.

"The idea with this video was to keep it gritty - like the song," says Munro. "We shot it in 4:3 which gives it a lo-fi look. The song is great so that helps; and a few beers helped oil the process. Happy days."

Upcoming live dates

20 BRIGHTON Great Escape Festival (East Street Tap, 8.40pm)

25 LONDON Tooting Tram

15 LONDON Amersham Arms
22 ESSEX Fiction and Cameo

12 LONDON Amersham Arms

More info: FACEBOOK

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