Tuesday, July 26, 2016

EP Review :: Jenny Broke The Window - Feels Good

Jenny Broke The Window

Feels Good

July 15 2016 (Independent)


Words: LB

Sydney collective Jenny Broke The Window unveil this second EP where its full range of unexpected loops and harmonies make for a record midway between alt-rock and
atmospherically melodic indie-pop.

Frontman and main songwriter Sam Lathlean asserts that the EP was treated "like a mini album" in the way it flows from one song to the next. "It's definitely been treated in a way so all the songs fit nicely together. Lots of recurring themes - nostalgia, teenage angst, romance and coming of age stories."

Their 2013 self-titled debut EP saw them caught up in the hype machine wheels across Australia (single cut 'Rum 'n' Cola' receiving over a million Spotify plays) and though it's taken awhile for this follow-up, it seems it will prove just as compelling to fans.

Opener 'Skinny Dip', an earlier single, is all catchy guitar riffs and echoing vocals. The four-minute power pop number 'Bleachers' follows with strident guitars and less obtrusive synths for the main part before coming to the fore on the chorus, that playfully work around lyrics such as: “I need you more than heroin that’s looking for a vein”.

Throughout 'Airport Love', Lathlean asks repeatedly, "Does it feel good?", which makes one feel tempted to respond with a yes, it does, very much. Building from its low-key opening of electronic beats, 'Airport Love' goes on to introduce billowy synths and strings, driving drums, resolute guitars and of course, divine vocals and breathy harmonies. 'Black Skeleton', along with the above, is one of the three standout songs of the EP. Zippy guitars work in with catchy beats, and interspersed with some nicely complemented percussion and synths.

Bonus and final track, 'Smiley Eyes', is near on six minutes of down-tempo melancholy, and the third highlight on the record. Simple guitar chords float behind Lathlean's emotive vocals. It's one of those sway along, get-the-lighters-out numbers that is built for being that live set last song of night. It's fitting, therefore, here, bringing to a close a EP that will undoubtedly prove a feel good listen.

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