Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Introducing // Track Of The Day :: Silent Forum - Nameless

Words: LB

Formed from the ashes of previous band, the curiously named How I Faked The Moon Landing, Cardiff's Silent Forum say their present style of music is less 'poppy' than what they put out under their old guise. Their debut EP, 'Brief Collapses', which is released on August 13, may give an idea of that.

In advance of the release they have aired a few tracks, of which 'Nameless' is one. What we get here in this sub-five-minute track is an intriguing mix of post-punk exhibiting menacing guitars with a spine-tingling vocal overlaid. With evocative melodies and some forceful drums, there's something about 'Nameless,' that is very effective.

"'Nameless' was written after meeting a bad parent, a bit of an eternal let down full of empty promises," vocalist and lyricist Richard Wiggins tells us. "The lyrics I'm most proud of in this one though are: "People rotate around her/Men wearing boy’s hats/Women still in girl’s shoes". It’s nice to have a bit of literal descriptive colour in and amongst some otherwise less playful lyrics."

According to Richard, 'Nameless' is a "slightly gentler song than the rest of the EP, although we happen to be currently writing in that direction for the second EP. It’s nice to have this as track three offsetting some of the aggression/anxiety elsewhere on the release."

Having recently played Blissfields Festival, Silent Forum are planning further live dates around the EP release - and before they play Swn Festival in October. Keep an eye on their Facebook for updates.

Silent Forum are: Richard Wiggins - vocals, Aaron Wood – guitar, Dario Ordi – guitar, Oli Richards – bass/vocals, Elliot Samphier - drums

More info: FACEBOOK

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