Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Track Of The Day :: My Invisible Friend - Sleepless

Photo: Valentina Baldrighi

Words: LB

Don't believe those who tell you length doesn't matter, because they clearly haven't heard My Invisible Friend going all out on not just seven minute track, not even a tenner, but a mighty whopping 17 minutes. Yes, you did read that correctly: 'Sleepless' is seventeen full minutes and then...another 56 seconds on top of that.

It's a whole other thing entirely, that is part trip out shoegaze, part discordant alt-noise rock, part unruly krautrock drones and wholly one mammoth psyched-up beast of a track.

The Italian trio from Fidenza are newly signed to Fuzz Club Records with whom they will release a self-titled EP later this year.

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