Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Introducing :: Thing

Words: Linn Branson

Now here's a thing. You don't that often come across a band who are so good that you feel you musr have been spending their emergence with your eyes and ears closed. In the case of the lysergic psych quartet from Stockport, Thing, it seems partly a case of the band themselves not pushing hard enough on the PR gas.

Anyway, they have come to our attention now, and if they keep up what they have produced on these first two tracks here, there must surely come a queue of industry folk knocking at their door.

"We just uploaded them so they're not official releases in any way," guitarist/keys player Charlie Seisay tells Little Indie. "In short, you haven't heard of us because of our minimal output and due to a number of delays we've experienced over the last year. We have now dealt with those so are moving forward."

'Carousel', the first of the two songs from Thing - produced by Martin King and Henry Broadhead - appeared at the end of last year - scroll down to bottom to hear - and this month have unveiled its follow-up, 'Catcall'. Both set out the Thing stall in their hypnotic quality melding psych with shoegaze through hooky riffs, ponderous bass and tripped out vocals.

Currently working on material for an album at Eve Studios near Stockport (where fellow Stockportians Blossoms have hunkered down), the band also have plans to put out another track of two before the end of the year.

Thing next play Manchester's Soup Kitchen on September 28.

Thing are: Andy Preece - vocals, guitars, keys; Charlie Seisay - guitar, keys; Matt Franklin - bass, vocals; Joel Kay - drums, vocals.

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